What are the small bags that comes with the wardrobe? – Astounding

Silica gel pads may have multiple use, perhaps until now you have just thrown out without knowing why they are serving.
These small silica gel bags are always available when you buy clothing, new shoes, bags, and so on. Instead of throwing it, use it, because it will help you a lot.

Indeed, you can put them in the toolbox so that they do not oxidize, in the pouch you carry things when you go to the gym or in the pouch where you hold the camera, because they prevent moisture from accumulating, the Telegraph reports.

Put a bag in the comodity where you hold the towels, in the dressing room where you hold the saw blade, in the bag where you put the New Year’s trimmings, because when to use them next year will look like new.

Keep close to the car’s front windscreen to prevent its fogging, put it in a purse bag to keep its freshness, keep it in photo photo albums to look new.

Keep close to the seeds you wanted to sow.
Choose the problem with the bad smell of old books, putting in them the silicon bag.

Retrieve old photographs
Old photos break down over time. This is not a good thing because they are the only connection you have with the past. Again, the above-mentioned bags are solved. Apparently the SIlic bags are not found in the packaging of different products. They have their own function, not just one.

Save the phone
If your phone gets wet, a bowl of rice is very effective to remove moisture from your cell phone, but a bowl of silica bag remains to be tested.

Put between towels
Your towels will not wear damp and unpleasant odors ever again.

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