Scientists: ‘Smartphones’ may led to cancer – Astounding

Extensive research on the link between cellular and cancer radiation has shown that this modern modern technology can induce two major types of brain tumors: glioma and acoustic neuroma.

A study has suggested that there is a link that indicates that using smartphones causes cancer.

An independent study on Wireless Technology in the US revealed that cellular radiation begins and directly forms cancer, writes Natural News.

The famous ‘Interphone’ study also found that regular cellular use in just 30 minutes a day over 10 years increases the risk of glioma at 40 percent. She also found that tumors were more likely to be formed on the side of the head where you placed the cellular.

Researchers in Germany have also found the link between cell phone radiation with melanoma and other cancers of the eye.

This study was conducted by the American National Toxicology Program exposing rats before radio frequencies that are emitted from ordinary mobile phones.

Thereafter, two tumor types appeared in the heart and brain rats, transmits Klan Kosova.

But these tumor types were not introduced to rats who were not exposed to these frequencies.

In this experiment, more than 2,500 mice were used at different intervals over a two-year period.

According to the US government, this study appears to be more detailed and deeper that indicates the strong link between mobile phones and cancer.

“If people say no risk, then I think that this research should be changed after this research,” one of the researchers said.

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